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On 5 August 2023
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Welcome to a new era of Syteria as they release their third album SyteriaWorld via Cargo Records on August 11th 2023.

Syteria return as the self proclaimed “A realm of colourful, pounding and punked – melodic rock” with third album SyteriaWorld via Cargo Records on August 11th 2023! The Yorkshire based quartet welcome you to their world with fourteen tracks, kicking off with ‘Chasing Dreams’. It’s driven by a huge main riff with pop suss and a laid back lead vocal.

It’s all about the drums as ‘Breaking Through’ lives up to its title to shake your foundations courtesy of an ear mauling main riff.

‘It Hit Me’ is a right headphone rattler as the dynamics hit hard and heavy. A midsection of fretboard fury lights the fuse for a balls out outro.

‘Monsters’ is a beast of a song of heavy choruses, bass guitar prowess, a midsection axe attack and acapella outro.

More cowbell please for ‘E.M.P.T.Y’ to let it keep up with the snappy snare work. A big fat grungy riff almost suffocate the quirky choruses for a brief respite from all the rocking out!

‘Debt Generation’ is a bright and breezy free and easy tune about the perils of overspending but the tricky lyrics add humour to this tongue firmly placed in cheek song.

‘It’s A Mess’ has thought provoking lyrics that prove rock and roll isn’t just about partying but also highlights what truth the press tells us. Musically it bounces on blustering riffs and honey dripped vocals.

‘Remember Me’ is a beautiful ballad par excellence, containing a spotlight stealing lead vocal.

‘Raise Your Glass’ gives off a Motorhead vibe so raise your glasses to the Rickenbacker wielding Lemmy Kilmister!

‘Nine To Nine’ lumbers along on a heavy plod to enact the tediousness of a working week.

‘Couldn’t Be Bothered’ is a sassy toetapper to bring some summer sunshine out from full on band vocals.

The most poignant lyrics here come from ‘Pause For Peace (silent minute)’ but it’s still upbeat from inventive drum patterns and a gargantuan main riff.

This highly impressive album closes on two bonus tracks. ‘Talk Too Much’ riffs and riffs for one of the heaviest tracks but my favourite is a blink and you’ll miss their take on the Ramones classic ‘Rockaway Beach’, a fuzzed up fired up dose of fretboard frenzy!

A pre-release link to SyteriaWorld is here along with other band info :- I

Album track listing :-

Chasing Dreams.

Breaking Through.

It Hit Me.



Debt Generation.

It’s A Mess.

Remember Me.

Raise Your Glass.

Nine To Nine.

Couldn’t Be Bothered.

Pause For Peace (silent minute).

Bonus Tracks :-

Talk Too Much.

Rockaway Beach.

Syteria band personnel :-

Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers – Guitar/Vocals.

Steph Dawson – Bass Guitar/Vocals.

Julia Calvo – Lead Vocals.

Pablo Calvo – Drums/Vocals.

Welcome to a new era of Syteria as they release their third album SyteriaWorld via Cargo Records on August 11th 2023.

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