SYBREED – “God Is An Automaton”

Sybreed return with an album that has more grooves than a Bridgestone!


It’s been three long years since Sybreed released “The Pulse Of Awakening” but the wait for the follow up full length release has been well worth it.

The band continue with their quite unique blend of Progressive Death Metal mixed with electronic melodies and ambient elements but on new release “God Is An Automaton” have succeeded in elevating it to a truly new and higher level. Working with Rhys Fulber ( Fear Factory, Paradise Lost amongst others ) has really paid off in a big way, giving a superb production sound.

Benjamin’s vocals on this record are second to none, switching from throat lacerating growls on tracks such as “Red Nova Ignition” to a wonderful soaring, soulful performance on my personal album favourite and title track “God Is An Automaton”.

Throughout the entire record ,the level of musicianship, performance and overall composition keeps its needle in the red zone, tracks such as “Hightech Versus Lowlife” with its spine tingling keyboard work are nothing short of mesmerising, whilst slower paced track “Downfall Inc” has an almost Scar Symmetry vibe coming through.


I love the label ’Death Wave’ which the band seem to have been given, a combination of Death Metal and New Wave, which may seem a little odd to start with but when I sat back and thought about it, it’s actually a pretty accurate tag to have been given, “Challenger” being a good example of the merging of the two genres and creating a really fresh, valid and progressive sound.

This album, without doubt represents the bands finest hour to date, eleven tracks of pure quality and power that will have you playing the cd on a continuous loop for a very long time to come.


Rating 9.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Posthuman Manifesto.
2. No Wisdom Brings Solace.
3. The Line Of Least Resistance.
4. Red Nova Ignition.
5. God Is An Automaton.
6. Hightech Versus Lowlife.
7. Downfall Inc.
8. Challenger.
9. A Radiant Daybreak.
10. Into The Blackest Light.
11. Destruction And Bliss.


Sybreed are;
Drop – Guitars and Electronics.
Benjamin – Vocals.
Kevin – Drums.
Ales – Bass.

“God Is An Automaton” sees its release through Listenable Records on September 24th.



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