Sumo Cyco release ‘Bystander’ and new album details

Canadian rockers Sumo Cyco have released the pulsating new single ‘Bystander ‘ from their much anticipated forthcoming album ‘Initiation ‘. Scheduled for release on May 7th 2021, the band’s third album is their first since signing to Napalm Records and will also include ‘Love You Wrong ‘ which was released as a video single last year and ‘Run With The Giants ‘. It also keeps the Cyco City concept from their first two albums, ‘Lost In Cyco City ‘ and ‘Opus Mar ‘.

You can watch ‘Bystander ‘ on the video link above, and you can pre-order ‘Initiation ‘ in various cool formats with loads of extra goodies HERE.

Track Listing for Initiation:

01. Love You Wrong 02. Bystander 03. Vertigo 04. Bad News
05. No Surrender 06. M.I.A. 07. Cyclone 08. Run With The Giants
09. Overdrive 10. Power & Control 11. This Dance Is Doomed
12. Awakened


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