Solid Liquid – Never Mind! (single)

Solid Liquid

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On 13 February 2021
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The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

I suppose with a band named Solid Liquid you can’t really expect any or no sanity from them and my gut feeling was right after the first of many plays of their recent single ‘Never Mind!’

This German based band are hard to categorize as these frantic four minutes are stark raving mad and I wonder how they play their instruments while wearing straitjackets!

A discordant guitar intro heavies up into Sabbath like bombast with touches of Ministry at their most experimental and a big dose of five tracked guitars and distorted bass guitar make for a grisly grungy grind. Amid all this are the distorted vocals of Stephan Lehmann who delivers in an eerie whispered menace to send shivers down your spine.

Band info can be found here including purchase links :-

Solid Liquid band line up :-

Stephan Lehmann – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Seranbo Lospolantes – Bass Guitar.

Salt Lobster – Programming.

Sascha Langer – Drums.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

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