SUBSERVIENCE release ‘Upheaval’ Studio Diaries

SubservienceEarlier this month Sussex quintet Subservience revealed details surrounding their forthcoming record ‘Upheaval set for release on 17th October 2014.

The band has released a 3 part video series documenting their time at Brighton Electric and the ‘Upheaval’ recording progress.

Drawing influence from the classic death metal bands of yesteryear as well as the recent breed of modern greats Subservience have been gathering a great reputation across their native UK and beyond. With their corrosive blend of groove laden extreme metal since forming in 2010 and having already released a demo ‘Blueprint To Chaos’ in 2010, a split with Sa-da-KO in 2011 and two crushing EP’s ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Ripped In Half’ in 2012 and 2013 respectively; Subservience are right on queue and are set to unleash yet another beast of a record.

Watch Part 1 (Drums)

Watch Part 2 (Guitars)

Watch Part 3 (Bass & Vocals)

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