BLOOD & IRON release cover, tracklist and release date for “Voices Of Eternity”

BLOOD & IRON Voices Of EternityThe release date of the BLOOD & IRON album “Voices Of Eternity” on CD is the 26th September 2014. The preorder phase will start on September 12th 2014 click here.

India is on the metalic world map more or less an empty space. So it seems there are not too many Metallians under the more than 1 billion people. One of the few exceptions is “BLOOD & IRON”, who founded themselves in 2005 and made 2 long play albums. “Voices of Eternity” will be their third studio album via Pure Steel Records released worldwide.

Classic US-influenced Power/Heavy Metal with overwhelming melodies sung by the crystal clear vocals from EX-DRAGONSCLAW and EX-WARLORD frontman Giles Lavery should convince everybody who likes this kind of music. This means the 49 minutes will be a pleasure for every true Metalhead. BLOOD & IRON also include some progressive parts without losing the red line. For sure the riffs and guitar leads in combination with the double bass parts, the powering production and the high pitched screams fit together as its best.

“Voices to Eternity” is an iron masterpiece not only for fans of Metal from “exotic” countries.

1. Eternal Rites
2. Your Own Voice
Blood and Iron3. Ascendant
4. Legion
5. Underground Rebellion
6. Ghost Of A Memory
7. Path Not Taken
8. Burning Bridges
9. Redemption Day
Total Playing Time: 49:09 min

Ashish Shetty – guitars, bass
Vikram Bains – guitars
Praveen – drums
Giles Lavery – vocals


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