Steve Hill – The one man blues rock band

Steve Hill

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On 21 May 2018
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Steve Hill’s new live album is one of the most accurately titled albums ever – he is after all, a one-man blues rock band. If you’ve never seen Steve Hill play live, it’s impressive stuff – he plays guitar and sings (doing both well), and at the same time plays drums and cymbals using pedals, and a drumstick attached to the head of his guitar. It’s no novelty act though – he’s a damn good musician who has won a number of awards, and has shared stages with the likes of ZZ Top, BB King, Jeff Beck, Ray Charles and many more. He is currently on tour in the UK doing support slots with with Danny Bryant and King King.

Having seen him live very recently I know just how good he is, and this album really does a good job of reproducing the live experience. Listening to the CD though you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to a band rather than one man, but trust me, it really is just Steve Hill, recorded live. The songs are great, and he performs them brilliantly, so you’ve got a great blues-rock live album here. Definitely an album worth picking up.

Track listing:

1. Rhythm all over
2. Go on
3. The collector
4. Damned
5. Tough luck
6. Never is such a long time
7. Hate to see you go
8. Emily
9. Nothing new
10. Out of phase
11. Still got it bad
12. The ballad of Johnny Wabo
13. Dangerous
14. Voodoo child (slight return)

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