Steel Raiser – Regeneration

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Regeneration‘ is the 2nd album of the Italian power metal band Steel Raiser. The band is from Cantania on Sicily.

The first thing that attracts attention to me is the voice of Alfonso Giordano (ex Noble Savage). I thought I listen to Blacky Lawless in the most of the songs.

The voice is clear and the songs are all powerful. My favorite song is ‘Love is unfair’. It’s like a mix of good old W.A.S.P songs and power metal.

But there is a thing I don’t really like: when I listened to ‘Magic Circle’ I thought at first this is a Techno song. The song is completely a mix of some techno/ electronic music and power metal. The riffs and the voice are well-done but the techno beats in the background don’t need to be.

All in all I can say this album is good and for  power metal fans and W.A.S.P fans.

Rating :7/10


  1. Cyber Laser
  2. Finalizer
  3. Regeneration
  4. Magic Circle
  5. Wings of the Abyss
  6. Metal Maniac
  7. Love is unfair
  8. Executioner
  9. Chains of hate

Release day:  February 5, 2013 (Amazon)

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