Steel Threads – Timing is Everything EP review

Coventry based Steel Threads aren’t your typical run of the mill rock band. Their eclectic mix of folk instrumentation and melodic interweaving choruses really sets them apart from any other band out there at the moment. Being branded as “Power-folk”, this three piece signed to the infamous and ever growing Rocksector Records combine: Insane musicianship, catchy choruses and energetic and vigorous tunes to form a larger than life EP entitled, Timing is Everything. This is a CD you need to own in your collection, and it’s not just for rock and metal heads. Oh no. Steel Threads are a band who prides themselves on being diverse and different, and it’s this unique selling point, that makes them appeal to the masses and makes them one of the hottest new bands to emerge in 2011.

Made up of four power ballad esque anthems that will sweep you off your feet the moment the first not kicks in, Steel Threads are a band who prove you don’t have to be heavy to rock, and through their use of the walking sections and the earthy pound of the double bass manage to make sure that their songs are high speed, hasty tunes, that hook the listener from the word go. Tracks such as ‘Steel Threads’ are full of none stop energy that gallops on throughout the piece, making you want to grab a beer, swing your friend around and have a blast while listening to this delicate but bouncy music.

There are some slower more surreal moments on Timing is Everything that make you just want to kick back and relax. It’s the ideal album, as you can listen to it wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, and you will no doubt enjoy listening to it. Tracks like ‘Hold Me like We’ll Die Tonight’ and ‘At the Star Again’ have that Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven styled approach to them, starting off melodic and slow, building up the anxiety and pace as the song develops.

This is Steel Threads first EP, and with their full album due to be released on June the 4th via Rocksector Records we can be expecting a hell of a lot more awesome material to be coming from this band. If a band this small have progressed over the past few months to release an EP as astounding and tuneful as this, who knows what they will be capable of within the next few years.  Hopefully with a few more corking tunes similar to ‘Gave You a Thought’ on it, we could be seeing a potential album of the year!

Steel Threads are the band to watch out for during 2012, and with their UK tour just round the corner, you need to bring it upon yourself to: A) Go out and buy this EP for £5 and B) Check them out in a town or city near you. If you want a band that is different, innovative and musically stimulating then Steel Threads are your best bet, and after the release of this stunning four track masterpiece, Planet Mosh can guarantee Steel Threads will be the talk on the town for years to come! [9/10]

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