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10 tracks that transcend musical boundaries by superheroes Captain Horizon

Artwork for Imitation Sun by Captain HorizonThe second full length album from Birmingham based Captain Horizon sees them stretching their musical boundaries even more. Released on May 11th 2015 via Rocksector Records and a well attended album launch/gig in Birmingham on May 22nd shows the leaps and bounds they are making since they were formed by bass player Alex Thomson and guitarist Josh Watson in 2008. Next to join was drummer James “Mez” Merrix and then finally vocalist Steve “Whitty” Whittington as the band are quoted as saying, “The last piece of the puzzle”.

The first single taken from the album, ‘Can’t You See What I’ve Become’, is a heavy opener with Alex Lifeson like power chords following a calm before the storm intro. Steve wears his heart on his sleeve throughout with a lung busting delivery. Other highlights are ‘Sword’ with it’s guitar stabs over off kilter rhythms which makes it a challenging but rewarding listen. 3rd song in and my album favourite is ‘The Dark’. I’d heard it played twice last year and it was a show stopper then but it takes on a new life in the studio.

The vocals grab you from the off and when the guitar lines come in, you are hooked as the drums come to the fore for a riff heavy finish. ‘It Matters To You’ has an acoustic/electric intro that eases into quirky guitar driven sound scapes with a huge vocal build up midway. ‘Ready For The Fall’ is another calm before the storm track as meandering guitar chords develop into some of the heaviest riffing on Imitation Sun. The title track has ambient mood swings broken only by a sumptuous guitar solo.

‘My Town’ features another big performance by Steve throughout pensive verses punctuated by noodling guitar and bass runs that develop into full on choruses bolstered by crushing riffs. Album closer ‘Work Out Right’ is another emotional tour de force as the ‘Unforgiven’ like intro heralds a whisper to a roar track. Steve’s beautifully reflective lyrics lead to almost AC/DC like riffs as the song ends as quiet as a pin dropping!

Captain Horizon are currently playing selected UK dates including 2 sets at the SOS Festival at the Sutcliffe Civic, Radcliffe, Bury between 17th-19th July.


Captain Horizon band line up :-

Steve “Whitty” Whittington – Lead vocals.

Josh Watson – Guitars/vocals/synths.

Alex Thomson – Bass guitar/vocals.

James “Mez” Merrix – Drums/percussion.


Album track listing :-

Can’t You See What I’ve Become.


The Dark.

It Matters To You.

Ready For The Fall.

Imitation Sun.


Silence Of Vera.

My Town.

Work Out Right.

10 tracks that transcend musical boundaries by superheroes Captain Horizon

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