Starkill interview with Parker Jameson, 20 February 2014

@Planetmosh spoke to @StarkillBand’s Parker Jameson (lead guitar and vocals) prior to their set at @corpsheffield.



Hailing all the way from Chicago, USA Starkill are supporting Turisas on their We Ride Together European tour.  Having been signed by Century Media Records in 2012 it was clear to see why from their set.  This is a young band with some way to go as yet, but there is definite promise. 

Their set was steady and energetic and they encouraged the audience throughout, though the best reaction was to their last two songs which for me held the best show of promise.  The first was ‘Winter Desolation’ which is from their upcoming second album (hopefully due for release in October).  Not having been played yet in America, the UK were treated to a sneaky peak of what can be expected from their next release.

Continuing their melodic death metal core this song continues with a good three beat rhythm and mixes hung back, slightly sorrowful vocals with death style and hammering drums.  To me and my co gig goer there was definitely something Amorphis about this track.

‘Whispers of Heresy’ ended the set with a more melodic introduction which continued in the guitar melodies, which were more striking in this than previous songs.  Both of these two songs worked really well together and though the crowd had been enjoying the set these songs brought the audience together in appreciation and  for me were a good sign of things to come.


Set List

  1. New Infernal Rebirth
  2. Immortal Hunt
  3. Fires of Life
  4. Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire
  5. This is Our Battle; This is Our Day
  6. Winter Desolation
  7. Whispers of Heresy


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