Spyder Byte – The Taste Of Filth EP set for release September

The eight-legged sleaze machine from the south, Spyder Byte, returns with a real slice of filth. Their latest outing, “The Taste Of Filth” EP, is comprised of four songs dragged up from the gutter. They show a stark difference to previous material from the band, showcasing a natural development in the songwriting as the band grows and seeks to spread the filth, and will be released on September 8th, 2023.

The band came crawling out from the web eleven years ago when most of them were still young. Quickly cementing themselves as a loud in-your-face Rock n Roll band, the quartet brought out their first full-length album, “Addictive”, in 2015.

Following on from their brief hiatus, the band came back with their second album, “When The Lights Go Out” in 2019. They returned to the scene with a new fire in the belly of the spiders, and from the gutter they came clawing out, supporting glam royalty and began to play countrywide festivals to many a new fan.

The band’s latest single, ‘Hooked’, is set for release on July 28th, 2023. Speaking about it the band has said:

“Enchanting eyes tell no lies. ‘Hooked’ tells the story of forbidden fruit found at the end of a bar with a glint in her eye and a shot in her hand. She stares into your soul and twists your mind until all you can think about is her. You’ve got to know her. Her sights are locked on you. She’s got you hooked. With an infectious bass line leading the charge into a Guns ‘N’ Roses-esque groove; the screech of the guitar, the heart-pounding drums, and the wailing of a man captivated by allure, ‘Hooked’ launches into a sleazy decadent Rock n Roll swagger that will leave you begging for more.”

“The Taste Of Filth” EP will send you flying away on another sleazy adventure, with ferocious bass lines, drum fills that give you disco fever, guitar licks of unholy creation and vocals that will set you free and leave you wanting more.

Socials: https://www.facebook.com/spyderbyteband

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