Spartan – The Invasion Of Olympus UK Tour 2016

Power/Death Metal quartet SPARTAN have announced a first time ever UK headline Tour this coming May. They will bring equally powerful support from KING LEVIATHAN and HOSTILE.

SPARTAN hail from Haarlem, The Netherlands. This headline tour in the UK is to help promote their latest record “The Fall Of Olympus” that was released December 2015. Their dominant presence within their solid melodies of bold riffs, sirenesque vocals and brutal growls will have your heart racing for days.

In the deep depths of happy sunny Brighton, UK hail KING LEVIATHAN who worship of the old gods. Their hard hitting sound and authoritative stage prescence make them a firm favourite in the UK underground metal scene. They are definitely not ones to miss. Their latest EP “The Shrine” is out now.

In the heart of Wolverhampton, UK lies a force not to be messed with, they are Heavy Metal quintetHOSTILE. They formed in the year 2006 and have already built a repertoire, having shared a stage with MORBID ANGEL and SOULFLY it’s evident that they are not to be missed. Already iconic sounding riffs, impeccable vocal work and thunderous drums create this metal oufit.

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