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The Sourheads

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On 1 December 2017
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Prepare to be amazed!

2017 has certainly been a fine year for finding new talent and my first experience of Wakefield based The Sourheads was at Rockwich Festival in August this year. Frontman Jake Coxon is a bona fide rock star in the making. Bare footed and bare chested he oozed Jim Morrison like charisma, backed by a very tight band. Formed just over a year ago, they have got an arsenal of songs good enough for a debut album titled Care Plan For The Soul already. Not only have they tore up the rule book, they have written their own and made it a bestseller!

More importantly, they have managed to capture the intensity of their live show into the studio as opener ‘Demon’ oozes in fuzzed up bass and wah wah guitar that propels into a grimy crunch as an evil, leering lead vocal lurches back and forth. The main riff threatens to blow your speakers as a Doors like mantra midway precedes a full on freak out finish. ‘Morally High’ is more straight ahead hard rock as its grooves provide the foil for a snarling vocal. The lazy blues intro for ‘My Rock And Roll’ morphs into a shit kicking riff. A real stomper of a number from start to finish. The mood lightens slightly as ‘Power Of Addiction’ has a quirky Amboy Dukes like psychedelia coursing through its veins. Ethereal Led Zeppelin like soundscapes raise the bar even higher in ‘Rag And Bone Man’ that get gnarlier as powerchords add muscle to a huge chorus.

Things heavy up with the pounding of ‘Don’t Get Caught (I Am The Lotus)’, a younger version of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ by the Stooges. Heavy blues moods swing through the the driving riffing of my personal favourite ‘Secret Cigarette’. ‘Warbird’ keeps the pace flowing with it’s bombast and some tasty touches of wah wah in the sedate midsection. ‘Mad Dog’ finishes the album on a high with a captivating vocal that picks you up and does not let go until the end. It is an early Stones like slice of intense rhythm and blues with crushing dynamics, steamrollering along to a manic freak out to close.

The album is currently available, released via Oak Island Records.

Album track listing :-


Morally High.

My Rock And Roll.

Power Of Addiction.

Rag And Bone Man.

Don’t Get Caught (I Am The Lotus).

Secret Cigarette.


Mad Dog.

The Sourheads band line up :-

Jake Coxon – Vocals.

Mik Crone – Guitar.

Ben Taylor – Bass guitar.

Chris Lambert – Drums.


Prepare to be amazed!

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