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On 24 September 2016
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Soilwork give us a glimpse of how their work has evolved over a number of years.

Death Resonance from Soilwork is a collection of tracks that probably should not work but does in a kind of strange way.  Two new offerings, Helsinki and Death Resonance, along with 13 rare, previously unreleased and remixed tracks gives us an opportunity to hear how the Soilwork sound has progressed over the years.

Normally you may wonder as to the reasons why bands promote rare and unreleased tracks or choose to remix.  Was there never an opportunity for a full release, did they not fit a particular collection of songs for an album, are they after a bit extra cash or were the tracks just not good enough?

The reason for Soilwork releasing this collection was partly that some of the songs did not naturally fit into previous albums.  This is also an honest attempt to put on display for their loyal following a number of lost and bonus tracks lying around since 2005 along with material from an EP released only in Japan.  And while they were going to do that then why not take the opportunity to remix a few as well.

Most of the songs on this collection definitely stand alone in their own right with perhaps only one or two not quite hitting the mark.  But for Soilwork aficionados this is a definite must have as there are a few tracks which will keep you listening again and again.

The stand out tracks are spread out evenly although in this digital age you may be tempted to quickly skip through to what you like.  My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool, When Sound Collides, Forever Lost In Vain, Sweet Demise, Martyr and Killed By Ignition all make up the solid backbone of the album and prove once again that Bjorn Strid on vocals can mix it with the very best.  Bjorn himself has stated that Martyr is certainly one of his own favourites.

Anyone who has ever lent their ear to a Soilwork song cannot help but find similarities to their contemporaries Trivium and to a lesser extent Lamb of God.  This collection perhaps reinforces that view but Soilwork are no mimics and we all continue to look forward to their continued evolution.

Track Listing:

  1. Helsinki (new song)
  2. Death Resonance (new song)
  3. The End Begins Below The Surface
  4. My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool
  5. These Absent Eyes
  6. Resisting The Current
  7. When Sound Collides
  8. Forever Lost In Vain
  9. Sweet Demise
  10. Sadistic Lullabye
  11. Overclocked
  12. Martyr
  13. Sovereign
  14. Wherever Thorns May Grow
  15. Killed By Ignition

Released:  Aug 2016

Label:  Nuclear Blast Records

Soilwork give us a glimpse of how their work has evolved over a number of years.

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