Snake Oil & Harmony Reveal the Lead Single from Their Debut Album

Snake Oil & Harmony Reveal the Infectious Lead Single from Their Debut Album ‘Last Man Standing’


Snake Oil & Harmony Reveal the Infectious Lead Single from Their Debut Album Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed are delighted to premiere lyric video – the lead single from their joint project Snake Oil & Harmony’s full-length, debut album Hurricane Riders.

‘Last Man Standing’ is a glorious track that vividly showcases just how well the two Dans work together. Here, Dan Reed provides the tune (with a super-catchy hook and melody) and Danny Vaughn provides his trademark talent for storytelling in song and honest-yet-uplifting lyrics, whilst the singers’ voices complement each other perfectly.

Check out the lead single ‘Last Man Standing’ here

Dan Reed explains the song’s origins: “‘Last Man Standing’ is one of the tracks on the new album where I had written this track that had no lyrics and passed it over to Danny Vaughn who within days sent it back with this amazing story and in-depth lyrics that captured the mood of the music perfectly and reinforced with immense positivity ‘why’ we were making an album together! Often times on this road called life, we have to wonder if we will metaphorically be the last person standing in different situations, but when it comes to romance and love the stakes are the highest for the heart and soul.”

Danny Vaughn adds this about their process: “From the start, Snake Oil & Harmony has been about collaboration and partnership. It’s very difficult to find two lead singers and their respective bands’ main songwriters who can be completely at ease with one another. ‘Last Man Standing’ illustrates the clockwork of our partnership very well. Dan trusted me with some very evocative music to paint a picture with and the ideas started coming immediately. The whole album is filled with moments where it’s difficult to tell where one man’s work leaves off and the other one picks up.”

Snake Oil & Harmony’s own origins traced back to Reed and Vaughn’s meeting at Download Festival in 2014 as frontmen of their respective bands: Danny Vaughn, as the lead vocalist of hard rock band Tyketto) and Dan Reed, fronting funk rockers Dan Reed Network. Recognising kindred spirits, the two decided to combine their talents in a joint project: a live acoustic touring act called Snake Oil & Harmony. This led to two acclaimed tours, where the pair shared their songs, and the stories behind them, with audiences throughout Europe, building a rep for their singing, musicianship and spellbinding rapport with their audiences.

The tours sparked the pair into further creative partnership, kindling their considerable talents as songwriters to create new, original songs, which they added to their repertoire on tour to critical acclaim and their fans’ delight. Now, Snake Oil & Harmony are releasing their debut album, Hurricane Riders, to coincide with their next tour, which begins in March 2020.

Both artists are thrilled to be taking the album out on the road, along with their respective solo material (with classic Dan Reed Network and Tyketto songs on the bill as well).
Snake Oil & Harmony’s new tour takes in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Austria and other countries between March and early April, and will mark the group’s debuts in cities like Stockholm and Göteborg in Sweden.

For a limited time, you can pre-order the first Snake Oil & Harmony album at Townsend Music. Pre-orders will be taken from now until Feb 3 and all those who purchase in advance will receive their copies by Valentine’s Day!

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March 12: Putney, London, The Half Moon
March 13: Milton Keynes, The Craufurd Arms
March 14: Sheffield, Local Authority @ The Corporation
March 15: Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Cluny
March 17: Chester, The Live Rooms
March 18: Bristol, The Fleece
March 20: Aberdare, Wales, Jacs
March 21: Stoke On Trent, Eleven
March 22: Bilston, The Robin 2
March 24: Blackpool, The Waterloo
March 25: Glasgow, Cottiers Theatre
March 27: Manchester, Night People
March 28: Ballymena, NI, The Diamond

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