SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS will reveal their exhilarating self-titled debut album, on Friday 27th January. The esteemed rock ‘n’ rollers have also just released a new single and video, Moving On, out now – .

Upbeat energy, gargantuan riffs, catchy choruses, and melodic harmonies are the main ingredients to SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS’s contagious sound. With a common fondness for The Ramones, Guns N Roses, Green Day, and Kiss, SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS have built a robust reputation by producing explosive live performances backed with a strong back catalogue. Although the UK rock ‘n’ rollers were only born in 2019, the hardworking quartet have still managed to play shows constantly throughout England whilst laying down plans for their debut album.

With the stage now set, the hi-octane rockers will drop their much-awaited self-titled debut album.  Puling from an abundance of personal experiences and telling stories about life, the band have continually progressed and enhanced their art, and this is observed on their debut record. The band comment about the album: “It’s a thirteen-track journey presented via different musical styles that we love. From Rock, to Country, Punk to Metal, each telling its own story. We cut the album with Dave Draper, who recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the record, it’s the perfect partnership to sonically capture and present our musical vision with powerful, blistering effect.”  

A wave of live shows are set to be announced, along with details about additional singles and videos, so stay tuned to the band’s socials for more, and buckle yourself in, as 2023 promises to be a lively ride for SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS.

Track listing: 1. No Rats, No Snakes, No Second Takes, 2. E.N.E.M.Y, 3. The Drinking Song, 4. Cry, 5. London Ain’t Calling, 6. Home Town Hero, 7. Translation Invariant, 8. It’s All Going To Hell, 9. Ride It Out, 10. Drama Queens, 11. Boy Who Cried Wolf, 12. Wild West (Berkshire), 13. Moving On. /

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