Sleepy Hollow – Skull 13 (c.d)


When you hear the name Sleepy Hollow everyUSMetal-maniac will go nuts. The band only released one demo (“A Legend Retold“) in 1989 and the self-titled album in 1991. But unfortunately, after that they got buried and forgotten. Now, 20 years later, they return with their second full length-album “Skull 13” featuring ex-Attacker-vocalist Bob Mitchell. They also have a new bass-player now: Mike LePond of Symphony X.


Formed in the years when thrash was bursting through, back when the likes of Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax were cutting their teeth it comes as no surprise that Sleepy Hollow display the structured, precision guitarmanship that was decimating the rock scene back then.


Developing a sound similar to recently reformed Sanctuary or the ascending band Hell, this New Jersey based outfit return at a time where hopefully they will have better luck.


Opening track ”Death of a Horseman” sets the scene for the album with it’s otherworldy, King Diamondesque vocals and precision guitar playing infusing both elements of classic edged guitar driven rock with the finest precision playing elements of the 90’s thrash scene.


“Facemelter” exemplifies Skull 13 and is the stand out track from the album.

Unfortunately “Epic (The Legend Retold)” seems strangely out of place with its more classic Dio era rainbow elements and represents the only stand out issue with the album.

Highlight of the e.p: “Facemelter”


Track Listing:

1. Death of a Horseman;
2. Facemelter;
3. Black Passage;
4. Bleed Steel;
5. Rear Window;
6. Inquisition;
7. Epic (The Legend Retold);
9. Misery Waltz;
10. Spiral Effect;
11. Midnight;


Mike LePond – bass
Tommy Wassman – drums
Steve Stegg – guitars
Bobby Mitchell – vocals



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