Melbourne based rock band SHOTGUN MISTRESS are set to release their first track for 2021, ‘Bleed Me Out’ on 3rd May via Crusader Records.

‘Bleed Me Out’ is an explosive dose of pure indie contemporary hard rock that reaffirms the band’s trademark style. After a year of remarkable chart and radio play gains, the Mistress has solidified its position at the vanguard of Australian rock. ‘Bleed Me Out’ is set to repeat the considerable impact of previous singles; ‘Save Me From Myself’ (#1 iTunes Rock Charts), ‘Glorious Machine’ (#1 iTunes Rock Charts) and ‘Collide’ (#4 iTunes Rock Charts) initiating an outpouring of Shotgun Mistress fever in anticipation of their forthcoming debut album. 

Blistering and intense, ‘Bleed Me Out’ yet again displays the band’s masterly command, a veritable rock juggernaut with a seemingly limitless reserve of dynamism, songwriting expertise and sheer power. The stark visual imagery of the lyric accords with the pummeling rhythm section and the hyperkinetic, mind-bending fire of the guitars—feats of spellbinding dexterity performed by the band’s world-renowned guitarist Matt Wilcock (voted top 100 metal guitarists of all time). ‘Bleed Me Out’ confirms Shotgun Mistress’s flightpath—a soaring trajectory straight up to the next level to launch an unstoppable presence onto the global rock stage.

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Shotgun Mistress

Shotgun Mistress was formed by Matt Wilcock (The Berzerker, Akercocke, Abramelin), an internationally renowned death-metal demon guitarist best known for playing at light speeds. He hooked up with “Diamond” David Lee on drums to jam out LA Strip-era rock. Ben Curnow (EARTH) joined on bass along with vocalist Glenn Patrick (of Collegians, featuring members of Pseudo Echo and Invertigo).

Shotgun Mistress was the first Australian band to join Golden Robot’s metal label Crusader Records.

Shotgun Mistress

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