SHOTGUN MISTRESS release new single ‘Shot Down’

SHOTGUN MISTRESS release new single ‘Shot Down’, out now, new album ‘Kings Of The Revolution‘ is out 14th June.

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Serving as an exquisite rock elixir, Shot Down masterfully blends a fiery verse with a velvety chorus, all elevated by the display of the band’s formidable musical prowess. The track’s electrifying energy pulsates throughout, reinforcing the band’s well-earned reputation for crafting robust and thrilling rock tracks. The lyrics, ‘Welcome to the midlife, high life good nights, pass another pill if you please,’ serve as a powerful testament to the track’s intoxicating allure. 

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Shotgun Mistress ignites the rock world with explosive new single ‘Shot Down‘ in an electrifying surge through the heart of the rock world.

Shotgun Mistress, the vanguard of Australian rock, continues its meteoric rise with the release of Shot Down, the latest anthem from their eagerly awaited sophomore album, ‘Kings Of The Revolution’.

Since their inception in 2020, Shotgun Mistress has been nothing short of a revelation, reshaping the Australian rock music landscape with their incendiary blend of blistering, unparalleled musical skill, and dynamite live performances. Riding the tsunami wave of success from the new album’s first single Jude Judas, which rocketed to the pinnacle of the iTunes Rock Chart and clinched a spot as the #9 Best Selling Indie Single, Shotgun Mistress is now poised to eclipse their previous triumphs. With Jude Judas garnering acclaim on national platforms such as THE PROJECT, TRIPLE M, and the REBEL NETWORK, Shotgun Mistress has firmly cemented their status as the new preeminent force in rock music. 

Fresh off the GLAMFEST tour, where they shared the stage with legends like LYNCH MOB and SLAUGHTER, the band is gearing up for a whirlwind promotion of Shot Down, including a landmark performance alongside THE POOR at The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, on April 24th, 2024, and a headlining slot at WRESTLEROCK at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, on April 27, 2024. Additionally, a 10-date tour of Japan from June 17 to July 3 underscores the global demand for their electrifying sound. 

With ‘Shot Down’, Shotgun Mistress is not just releasing a single; they are unleashing a juggernaut of rock prowess that cements their newfound place at the zenith of the Australian hard rock scene. Their relentless drive, combined with a knack for crafting anthems of rebellion and resilience, signals the arrival of the new titans of rock. As Shotgun Mistress continues to defy expectations and shatter boundaries, Shot Down stands as a testament to their indomitable spirit and the unwavering support of their fans.

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