Senser Biting Rhymes EP review

As a prequel to releasing their fifth album Senser have created a 5 track EP of Hip Hop cover versions to pay tribute to the artists that inspired them to start playing music in the first place called Biting Rhymes due for release on the 27th of November as a digital download and as a limited edition CD.

The tracks featured on this EP are:

1. Don’t Believe The Hype… (Public Enemy)
2. Follow The Leader… (Erik B & Rakim)
3. Mama Said Knock You Out… (LL Cool J)
4. Channel Zero… (Public Enemy)
5. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun… (Beastie Boys)

Opening with the Public Enemy classic Don’t Believe The Hype with heavy bass it’s clearly the PE song but Senserfied with some nice little flute parts added by Kerstin, following hot on its heals is Follow The Leader by Erik B & Rakim which if your familiar with Senser’s first Album Stacked Up you’ll recognise the style with heavy guitar, scratching and rapping vocals intercut with female vocals. With heavy drums and riffs LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out stomps out of your speakers this would go down a storm live I’m sure, but the best is saved to the last two tracks in my opinion back to PE with Channel Zero which the band have covered before this is classic Senser with the trademark chugging guitar sounds and Heitham’s rapping vocals over the top just add a moshpit and stir Classic.

Last and by no means least we have the only live track on this EP recorded in 1994 at Reading University but not suffering at all by its age is there homage to the Beastie Boys with Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun this track is available till the 21st November as a free download from the Senser website so get over there quick to grab a piece of the action when it’s this good you would be a fool to miss out on this freebie.

In conclusion a fine set of cover versions showing their roots but with the Senser trademark sounds and styling’s stamped over them, I for one can’t wait till the release of their 5th album and hopefully a UK tour to back it up as live, is really what Senser are all about.

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