SENSER Announce The Release Of Stacked Up XX


Crossover legends SENSER changed the alternative music landscape forever in 1994 with the release of Stacked UP; an album of unprecedented cross pollination and pure inventiveness that resulted in a sound that influenced a generation.

Fusing metal, electronica, hip-hop and everything in between, Stacked Up sold over 200k records in 1994 alone, putting SENSER on the covers of magazines, earning a deluge of daytime radio and gaining the band tours with the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Henry Rollins, playing to millions worldwide. Many of today’s musical elite consider Stacked Up a major influence; 20 years on with a 21st Century re-master, it sounds as fresh as ever.

Senser will release Stacked Up XX on 17 November: a deluxe double CD box set with Senser collectibles, double vinyl album and digital editions will be available, containing a remastered version of the original record, remixes and unreleased tracks.


Vocalist Heitham Al Sayed reflects:  “When no one has told you it’s not possible, you just assume it is possible. We just played whatever we wanted. The music we listened to was all fair game. It was a long time ago, before the segregation of the music clans was finally made official.

“After touring a lot of these songs in ratty little vans for a few years, a couple of very forward thinking fellows from a small record company in Camden saw that more people might want to listen to them, and gave us the money to record them well.”


SENSER recorded Stacked Up in 1993 in Bath. Upon completion, they knew they had created something special.


Heitham continues: “After that everything accelerated around us as if rushing in to fill a void. Travelling the world to work is the best way to see it, especially when you’re young. We know that for many people, this album took on an importance beyond our expectations. We were then and still are, humbled and grateful to all those people who took this music into their hearts and worlds.”


Although written two decades ago and in a technologically different time, SENSER’s hard hitting lyrical content is as relevant today as it ever was.


Heitham explains: “Some of the lyrics on Stacked Up are ambiguous but others are almost premonitory, and particularly Age of Panic and Eject. They were written at the dawn of the culture of surveillance and before the internet but they have some specific references that mirror the NSA spying project, anti  terrorism laws, the financial crashes and the recent  anti corporate activity.  I suppose I just tapped into a feeling of where things were going.”


To celebrate the release of Stacked up XX, SENSER will play a one off celebratory show in London with a very special line-up. More details will be announced in due course.


Stacked UP XX will be released via  Strike Back on 17 November 2014.


Senser - Stacked Up
Senser – Stacked Up

Track listing:

Disc 2:

1 States Of Mind

2 The Key

3 Switch

4 Age Of Panic

5 What’s Going On

6 One Touch One Bounce

7 Stubborn

8 Door Game

9 Peanut Head

10 Peace

11 Eject

12 No Comply

13 Worth

Disc 2:

1 Age Of Panic (Git-O-Rama Mix)

2 Twice As

3 Tin Can Hurricane

4 Fast Song

5 States Of Mind – Fusewire Remix

6 Age Of Panic (The Sick Man Remix)

7 Eject (Over Zealous Mix)

8 Switch (Depth Charge First Venom Mix)

9 The Key (Liquid Lunch Mix)

10 Door Game  – (Phut Demo)

11 Age Of Panic (Eat Static Saturated Slug Mix)

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