Second Rate Angels – ‘The Lost Days’ EP

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Second Rate Angels

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On 16 June 2014
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"...grabs you by the unmentionables and holds on tight the whole way through."

Second Rate Angels are a four piece from Hemel Hempstead, England (a place not known for metal… lol!).   They have been a  hard working band since late 2011 with a load of gigs under their belts, and they have just released their debut EP, ‘The Lost Days’.

Second Rate Angels - The Lost Days ArtworkThis EP is one of those that  grabs you by the unmentionables, if you have any (and I don’t lol) and holds on tight the whole way through.  From the very first note you can hear just how tight this band is.  The guitar’s are hard and heavy then the drums kick in and all your senses are hit (pleasantly ).  The production on this EP is very high and clean (personably I prefer it to be a wee bit dirty).

The first track ‘Give It A Name’ blasts out from the speakers with a very Metallica influenced intro and proceeds into a song that is a sensual mixture of heavy guitars and double kick drums that just transports you to that euphoria that only music can give.  There is a small interlude with a quiet beautiful guitar piece before it kicks off again.  The vocals of Dave Gobran are very similar to M Shadows:  they have that hint of huskiness that  makes a girl go weak at the knees, and thus pleases this wee metal fan ;-)

This EP keeps it’s high energy and feel good vibe throughout it’s running order, and it’s not very hard to tell who their influences are.  Trivium is very obviously one of them, and this is very evident in the third track,  ‘The Lost Days’, where the in your face double kick drum beat  and harsh rasping vocals are very much to the fore of this track. The guitar solo is both precise and haunting and leaves goosebumps on this wee person’s skin.

This band definitely do not live up to their name, as to me there is nothing second rate about them.  They are paasionate about what they do and they leave you wanting more.  This is a good old fashioned metal band and I for one really like this EP – although I do have one criticism, and that is the choice of track for the single, ‘Dragged Out’, which for me is the weaker track;  in my opinion ‘The Lost Days’ is so much stronger and showcases the band’s talent so much better.

I for one am looking forward to an album and hearing a lot more from this particular band. enjoy.

Track List:

Give It A Name / Dragged Out / The Lost Days / Black Ice

Recommended Track:  ‘The Lost Days’.

"...grabs you by the unmentionables and holds on tight the whole way through."

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