Sacrifice is the 20th album of the NWoBHM  legends SAXON.  It was recorded by Jacky Lehmann and mixed by Andy Sneap. The Albums starts with  ‘Procession’. The atmosphere is threatening and a good intro for the following song ‘Sacrifice’. This song is one of my favorite songs of the album. The song starts with a whispering ‘Sacrifice’. Then the song gets much power with great guitar riffs and Biffs good voice. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is well-done.

‘Made in Belfast’ is a special song. It’s about the building of the Titanic in a shipyard in Belfast. The song starts with Irish melodies later with awesome guitar riffs.

‘Warriors of the road’ is in my opinion a song that should be in Saxon live sets for ever. The speed of the song is so great and good for the headbangers. It has something of a modern ‘ Wheels of steel’ with more power and a more powerful voice.

Guardians of the Tomb is also a song with speed in which biffs high voice is the most important thing.

Stand up and fight is  a good song for concerts. The text is very easy and the song has also powerful riffs.

Walking The Steel has through and through a strong riff and a heroic chant. In the song included is a short commemorative passage on fallen soldiers.

Night Of The Wolf takes the listener into the world of the wolfs. It has an atmosphere of uncertainty and  also a strong refrain.

Wheels of Terror is also one of my favourite songs of the album. The rhythm is great. The ending of the song is great: “Fire”  and then a loud explosion.

Standing In A Queue is also a song with a great riff and the simple rimes “queue”, “clue” and “do” can make it to an earwig. A great ending of  the album.

In summary I can say “Sacrifice” is a well-done album with great riffs and refrains.


I only can recommend to buy the deluxe version with bonus- CD.  It contains a bonus CD with acoustic versions of ‘Frozen Rainbow’ and ‘Requiem’.  Moreover a great orchestral version of ‘Crusader’ and rerecorded versions of ‘Forever Free’ and ‘Just Let Me Rock’.


Rating  9/10



  1. Procession
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Made in Belfast
  4. Warriors of the road
  5. Guardians of the tomb
  6. Stand up and fight
  7. Walking the steel
  8. Night of the wolf
  9. Wheels of terror
  10. Standing in a queue

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