Satan – Life Sentence

Satan –  Life sentence


Life Sentence is the upcoming album of the NWoBHM band Satan.

Satan are a band from Newcastle,  formed in 1980,splited up  in 1998 and reformed in 2011. Their style can be described as a mix of very early Coverthrash metal, a little bit doom influences and old school metal. It is a great mix and it makes fun to listen to their new stuff.

Time to die is a good beginning of the album.  It has a riff i’ve never heard, it’s very high and also Brian’s voice is very high.

Twenty Twenty Five is my personal favorite song of the album. It has a good riff in it and again Brian’s high voice. About Brian’s voice, it’s always high and i don’t know how a man can sing the way like this, but it’s awesome.Centograph and Siege Mentaly are like the songs before.

Intancantations starts in another way, it’s a very powerful song I also really like.

Testimony, Tears Of Blood, Life Sentence and Personal Demons are also very good songs. The last song ‘Another Universe’ has  a very calm beginning and it sounds at the beginning more like a doom metal song. It’s very melodcally the first 2 minutes but in the middle of the song the song gets more power with great drums.

All in all i can say the album is very good and I’m glad when I can buy it.


Release Date: 29/04/2013




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