Saints of Death Unleash New Lyric Video ‘Revolution’

Vancouver’s Double Bassist Attack SAINTS OF DEATH Unleash New Lyric Video ‘Revolution’
& Debut Self-Titled EP Out Sept 25th

Line Up – L-R – Stony Gingras – 5 String Bass / BU Vocals, Twan Holliday – 8 String Bass/Lead Vocals, Christopher James – Drums, Phil Henri – 6 String Guitar / BU Vocals (Photo Credit – Dean Mclean)

Vancouver, BC’s SAINTS of DEATH (a name inspired by the Mexican folklore of Santa Muerte (Spanish for Holy Death)) is a four piece that originally began as a Motorhead tribute band that has now taken the reins to write original material with a double bassist attack and set themselves apart from the pack with their unique heavy sound of thrash, doom and hardcore metal.

Fronted by vocalist and eight string bassist Twan Holliday, a giant standing nearly 7’ foot tall who can also be recognized for his acting credits in some well-known Hollywood movies and pro wrestling (credits below) is joined by four string bassist Darren Morris, guitarist Phil Henri and Christopher James on drums to complete a ferocious line up that will be unleashing their self-titled debut EP on September 25th.

Leading up to its release, the band has posted a new lyric video for their track ‘Revolution’ at the following link:  plus will be supporting it with a small tour across Alberta and British Columbia (dates listed below).

“This song is about unity and standing up for what is right! It’s a call to people everywhere to join together and fight for their rights and what’s right through Revolution.” comments drummer Christopher James.

saints of death - revolution

Track Listing: Saints of Death – Self-Titled EP
1. Army of Dead (4:22)
2. Doom 5.1 (4:43)
3. Blood Vendetta (3:12)
4. Revolution (4:30)
5. Angels & Demons (4:26)
EP Length: 21:15
Show Dates:

Sept 11 – Funky Winker Beans – Vancouver, BC w/ Crackwore + guests – Event info here.

Sept 19 – Brother’s Bowling & Billiards – Abbotsford, BC w/ Obsidian, The Darker Days + guests – Event info here.

Sept 24 – The Vat – Red Deer, AB w/ Leave The Living – Event info here.

Sept 25 – Distortion – Calgary, AB w/ Golers + guests – Event info here.

Sept 26 – DV8 – Edmonton , AB w/ Golers + guests – Event info here.

Sept 28 – The Green – Vernon, BC w/ XUL, Drop Dead Fred + guests – Event info here.

Oct 17 – The Wolf Bar – Mission, BC


Taking their experiences from past bands (Snaggletooth, Scissortooth, Dead End Ascension, Skookum, My Own Chaos, Luciferian Conquest, Torrential Pain, Tides of Honor and Annora), SAINTS OF DEATH are veteran musicians of the Vancouver scene ready to debut their self-titled EP this September 25, 2015 to introduce metal fans to a new sound coming from the Canadian West coast.

“We think this EP should be listened to with open ears. Breaking the mold of typical sub-genre based metal, we try to cover all types of metal with lyrical content aimed at the problems with today’s government, moral value, and the supernatural occult. We think it should be received as another solid attempt to raise awareness of the wrongs of society and another conscience effort to make change along with wanting new fans to listen to our music and enjoy the quality of musicianship, engineering and lyrical content. We chose our favorite 5 tracks out of the first 7 we wrote to put on this self-titled EP.” comments vocalist/ bassist Twan Holliday.

Even with their debut being released, fans can expect a lot more from Saints of Death in the near future.

“We have a bunch of un-recorded material. We plan on taking a break from live shows, shortly after our EP release tour in Sept/Oct to finish writing enough material to record our first full length.”

Aiming to set the bar high with a live behemoth of ampage, backed by a custom light show, SAINTS of DEATH are pushing forward to take on the biggest stages and crowds and win over fans who enjoy headbanging to such bands as Black Sabbath, Lamb of God, Overkill, Motorhead, and Pantera.

Track by track of Saints of Death EP explained by Twan Holliday:

1. Army of the Dead: This song is written from the perspective of a Viking in battle. Its underlying message is about the battle of life. “Everyone’s born, everyone dies”, we fight hard and strong, live, laugh, love and when it’s our time to die, we die!

2. Doom 5.1: This song is about organized religion and greed.

3. Blood Vendetta: This song is written about blood vendettas around the world. It’s about people being born into war, and fighting wars started by generations before them in order of gaining redemption for their lost family.

4. Revolution: This song is about unity and standing up for what is right! It’s a call to people everywhere to join together and fight for their rights and what’s right through Revolution.

5. Angels and Demons: This song is written about an old man on his deathbed. Not happy with his life he struggles though a battle between the right and wrong he has done and who will take possession of his soul; angels or demons.

Fun Fact: Besides being a musician vocalist / bassist Twan Holliday has acting credits for movies American Mary (2012), The Devils Ground (2009) w/ Darryl Hanna, Stan Helsing (2009) (Leslie Neielson’s last movie), Catwoman (2004) w/ Halle Barry, Psych (TV Show) plus has done stunts on Super Natural (TV Show) and Pathfinder (2007). Twan was also a pro hard-core wrestler of 10 years and was on TV every Saturday at 1pm on KVOS TV12 (Bellingham, WA) plus was asked to train for WWE.

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