Sacred Steel – The Bloodshed Summoning



This album is the first Sarced Steel Album for 4 years.

The songs in the album has 2 styles. Some songs like Storm Of Fire 1916′ remind me on Kreator in the 80s .

All in all the album is harder than the previous albums  ‘Carnage Victory’ and ‘Hammer of Destruction’.

Other songs like ‘The Bloodshed Summoning’ are a little bit more  melodical. Through and through the high voice of Gerrit Mutz is not a thing for every heavy metal fan.

‘The Night They Come To Kill’ is good example for the mix of the Kreator style and the symphonic parts, They change often in this song. For me it doesn’t make fun to hear this but people who like that should buy this album.

Another song which is powerful and in my opinion the best song of the album is ‘Journey Into Purgatory’. The riffs are very powerful and in this song the voice is the best.

One thing i don’t like is that the album is too long. 15 songs for an album are too many. In my opinion is that the reason why the quality of the album is not the best.

All in all the album is an average album. It’s neither good nor bad, but only a album for fill some gaps between some good albums. It’a an album which couldn’t really convince me.





RATING: 6,5/10









01. Storm Of Fire 1916
02. No God / No Religions

03. When The Siren Calls
04. The Darkness Of Angels
05. The Bloodshed Summoning

06. Under The Banner Of Blasphemy
07. Black Towers
08. Crypts Of The Fallen

09. The Night They Come To Kill
10. Join The Congregation
11. Journey Into Purgatory
12. Doomed To Eternal Hell
13. Perversions Of The Scriptures
14. Unbinding The Chains
15. Dig Up Her Bones

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