Enforcer – Death By Fire.

enforcerDeath By Fire has its roots set so deep in the 80’s it should come with a free pair of white open topped trainers and drainpipe jeans! The 3rd full length studio release by Stockholm based metallers Enforcer is a short,sharp shock  of over the top metal mayhem. It reminds me of vintage nwobhm, especially Raven,Diamond Head and Iron Maiden but the vocals of Olof Wikstrand are similar to Vince Neil giving a commercial edge to the unadulterated metal he is singing over.

Formed in Sweden in 2005, Enforcer have Death By Fire released via Nuclear Blast Records on Feb. 1st 2013 in Europe and March 5th in the USA. It has a low fi production which gives it a raw,punky edge and is all the better for it as it gallops along more than the chariot race in Ben Hur and has  cliched song titles and lyrics that will have you punching the air to!

The brief instrumental Bells Of Hades is the calm before the storm of following track Death Rides This Night with its Hit The Lights by Metallica intro giving way to the 1st of many nwobhm era riffs on the album. The rest of the track hurtles along like vintage Raven with a fist clenching vocal from Olof. The drum led Run For Your Life raises the speed limit higher with its buzzing riffs and blistering guitar solos.

Mesmerized By Fire is the 1st song from Death By Fire made into a video and its Motley Crue influences and touches of Under The Blade by Twisted Sister give it a commercial feel even though the song ends with some fine melodic speed metal guitar solos. Take Me Out Of This Nightmare continues in similar vein as the melodic intro,banshee opening scream lead into a stomping hard rocker with a BIG chorus. Personal highlight for me is next up. The 4 min long instrumental Crystal Suite is a technically brilliant piece to rival Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera or Def Leppard’s Switch 625 as its many time changes are supported by the guitars and drums hammering the main riff home.

There is no pause for breath as it is immediately followed by the lilting intro to Sacrificed. Huge riffs accelerate to speed metal velocity backed up by air raid siren vocals. The longest and most epic song on Death By Fire is next. Silent Hour,The Conjugation has a staccato main riff over a wailing vocal as a melodic twin guitar break leads into the song slowing down to just a stabbing riff as a guitar workout takes over to end the song into a headbanging heaven. Once again there is no pause as it  leads once again int0 album closer Satan, another high speed number of first- to- the- finish -line speed metal bringing to mind Helpless by Diamond Head. Ear splitting screams,scorching guitar solos and nimble fingered bass runs make it a contender for track of the album!

Avenger are currently on a brief European tour with Grand Magus and Angel Witch.

Enforcer band line up :-

Olof Wikstrand – Vocals/guitars.

Jonas Wikstrand – Drums.

Joseph Tholl – Guitars.

Tobias Lindkvist – Bass guitar.


Death By Fire track listing :-

Bells Of Hades.

Death Rides The Night.

Run For Your Life.

Mesmerized By Fire.

Take Me Out Of This Nightmare.

Crystal Suite.


Silent Hour,The Conjugation.


I award Death By Fire 9.5/10.

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