Sabbath Assembly – Ye are Gods (Svart/Cargo)

Sabbath Assembly formed in 2009 to share the teachings of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. The Church is a splinter group of Scientology which believes Christ and Satan will reconcile their differences to judge humanity at the end of the world. This is Sabbath Assembly’s second release, the first featured Jessica Thoth of Jex Thoth fame on vocals, new singer Jamie Myers (Hammers of Misfortune) has slotted into the line-up effortlessly with her less throaty vocals.  The music itself is very much steeped in the sounds of the psychedelic era referencing bands like Jefferson Airplane and Iron Butterfly. There is a very obvious gospel tinge to the whole album conjuring images of floating on hot summer days.  From the second track “The Love of the Gods” it becomes very obvious this band is deadly serious about their ideology, this song mixes beautiful melodies and exquisitely layered vocals with sections of narrative by Genesis  P.orridge (Throbbing Gristle) about “celebrating the end of separation, and the beginning of unity”. These light hearted tunes and pretty melodies are eerie and carry a message so bizarre that it becomes very unnerving in the blink of an eye. By the time the track “Exit” begins with its Pink Floyd signature and blatant plagiarism of “Great Gig in the Sky”, the album has buried itself deep into your psyche. The songs become familiar immediately and summon a return to its teaching with alarming speed. This album is subtle, charming and dangerous in equal amounts. This is a soothing well constructed piece of psychedelic rock for the quiet moments in your life; some may find the lyrical content sinister and unsettling, but each to their own.



Jamie Myers (voice)

Dave Nuss (drums)

Genesis P-Orridge (voice)

Daniel Shuman (bass, guitar, voice)

Richard Bennett (guitar, organ, voice)

Georgia Haege (voice)

Imaad Wasif (guitar/voice)

Eyvind Kang (viola)

Kevin Hufnagel (guitar)

Dave DeMotta (piano, organ)

Dan Hockstein (bass)

Kevin Rutmanis (bass)



1. Let Us All Give Praise and Validation

2. We Come From the One

3. Bless Our Lord and Master

4. We Give Our Lives

5. Exit

6. Christ, You Bring the End

7. And the Clarion Calls

8. In the Time of Abaddon II

9. Transcendence

10. The Love of the Gods


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