Russ Dwarf – Wireless

russ dwarf - wirelessThe Killer Dawrfs singer, Russ Dwarf is clearly a busy man at the moment.  For a start, the Killer Dwarfs reuniting to support the release of their album ‘Start @ One’, an album recorded in the 90’s but never released, and which has now been remixed and remastered.  As well as the album release and a tour, Russ Dwarf has recorded and released an album, ‘Wireless’ which is an album that can be summed up as an acoustic greatest hits album since it’s a collection of Killer Dwarfs songs that have been re-recorded acoustically.

Obviously fans of the Killer Dwarfs will be familiar with the songs already in their original form.  The acoustic treatment has worked very well here, so I think most fans will enjoy the songs.  If you’ve never listened to Killer Dwarfs though, don’t worry – this album is still definitely worth a listen.  In the 90’s quite a few bands did acoustic stuff – particularly for the MTV Unplugged show, and this is very much in the same vein – some great rock songs performed acoustically.

Standout tracks for me are ‘Keep the spirit alive’ and ‘stand tall’, but really the whole album is great.  I often find acoustic albums a bit dull and repetitive, but this one has been done very well – the vocals are great, and there’s enough variety to keep it interesting.

An excellent album that’s well worth a listen

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. Keep the spirit alive
2. Stand tall
3. I’m alive
4. Startin’ to shine
5. Doesn’t matter
6. Comin’ through
7. Dirty weapons
8. Look around
9. Four seasons
10. Driftin’ back

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