Reviving The Animus Interview

Reviving The Animus
There has just been a birth of a new London metal band Reviving The Animus. They have just released their brand new EP ‘Infinitely Unlimited’  and are looking to conquer the UK. Influential bands are Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Born of Osiris, The Faceless, Protest the Hero, Vildhjarta and Opeth. They are a very new band to the scene so Planetmosh dig deep to discover who are Reviving The Animus. Enjoy!

Lara – How would you describe Reviving The Animus?

Alexei – Reviving The Animus is a Progressive Metal band mixed with a bit of tech and a unique twist on the whole Djent scene. If you haven’t heard us before, think a big mix of bands like Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Born of Osiris, Sikth, Veil of Maya, Opeth, Monuments etc. We find it hard to describe our music specifically so these are some bands people have related us too in the past.

Lara – What musical background do you individually come from?

Alexei – I myself (Alexei) have been playing guitar for almost 7 years since I was 10 and have been into metal and rock since I started playing. I’ve been in previous band with Jay since 13 years old all the way up to Reviving The Animus. I come from a musical family, conductors, singers, all sorts of musicians…so I feel it’s fitting to be following a life in music.

Jay has pretty much the same background as me. He too has been playing for 7 years and picked up the guitar because of a musical family and the guitar always being around him. Jay also has the same taste in music as me with little difference.

Miguel has been playing bass for just 2 years but would seem like he’s been playing for a lot longer. Reviving The Animus is the first band he’s been a part of and has taken to it with ease. He loves his weird experimental metal and it really influences his playing style in a cool way.

Jack has been playing drums for 5 years since he was 14 and has been part of previous bands, including the first band me and Jay started up ’10 Plagues’. He takes after his father who was a previous drummer for ‘Adam and the Ants’.

Kevin has been singing for previous bands in England and in Norway so has experience in singing with bands and writing lyrics. He is a massive metal fan and his favourite band Gojira really influence his insane vocals.

Lara – You have just released your first ever début EP ‘Infinitely Unlimited’ what can you tell us about the overall concept and musicality of your EP?

Alexei – There isn’t much concept to the EP Infinitely Unlimited. The name comes from the title track ‘Infinitely Unlimited’ and that one song is what influenced the EP artwork. For the musicality of the EP we wanted it to have that typically progressive and technical feel to it, but at the same time cater for any type of metal fan out there.

Lara – You worked with Mike Malyan for the recording process of the EP, how was the first time recording as the band Reviving The Animus and in time what producer would you like to work with and why?

Alexei – We really enjoyed producing this EP with Mike. He knew exactly how we wanted this EP to sound and how to go about it. He brought out the best in each song and gave it this epic and crunchy sound. In the future for upcoming releases we’d like to work with Acle Kahney and Amos Williams from TesseracT and 4D sounds. Simply because we love the work they’ve done for TesseracT and other bands.

Lara –  How well have your spectators and media taken to the musical world of Reviving The Animus?

Alexei – We’ve had an amazing reaction for our debut EP. We’ve had loads more downloads of the EP than we expected and have gained a lot more new fans from this. Also some great reactions from interviews and radio plays such as Bloodstock FM and Djent FM.

Lara – Now that you have released your EP what other plans do you have for us for 2013 tour dates, more media press?

Alexei – Expect a lot more gigs from us in 2013, we’ve already got some epic shows coming up like supporting The Algorithm on April 4th and supporting Cypher16 on April 13th. Expect video shoots, photo shoots and at some point a new release this year.

Lara – Thank you for your time guys and good luck! 


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