HATE interview with ATF SINNER – February 2013

HateWe caught up with HATE’s lead guitar and vocalist ATF SINNER for a quick interview about the band their new album Solarflesh, which is out now via Napalm Records and what their plans are.


Hi guys, can you introduce the members of hate to the readers, please?
ATF SINNER – guitar, voc, DESTROYER – guitar, MORTIFER – bass, HEXEN – drums

How would you describe the Polish metal scene, so over the last 10 yrs what has changed with metal scene
Not much. Even though new bands seem to be coming like every day, the main bands are still: us, Vader, Decapitated and Behemoth.

Any Polish bands you would recommend to the PM readers.

Masachist, Azarath

HATE solarfleshAny other bands you would recommend not just from Poland.

Ac/Dc, Slayer, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, The Cult, Mastodon, Mayhem,

What inspires you?

The dark aspect of nature

What was your inspiration or starting point for ‘Solarflesh’
The dark aspect of nature + my own experiences

When you are writing a songs who is the one who comes up with the tracks

It’s me – in 90 % of cases.

Can you give us a quick description of each track please?

Watchful Eye of Doom –Soundscape

Eternal Might  – The song is also a kind of tribute to cosmic energy – this burning essence that exists in every living creature and every matter. We use a symbol of Shining Omega that represents this universal energy.

Alchemy of Blood – This song refers to Sumerian philosophy. Dark and profound is the basis for all esoteric and religious formulas. Why is it so important? Because they had created all the philosophical concepts that were later used by new-coming religions such as Judaism, Christianity and (later) Islam. They first came up with the concept of monotheism and all the myths that Christianity is known for.

Timeless Kingdom – It is about downfall of “religious” civilization, and generally civilization as we know it. We are strongly against some aspects of civilization – especially those that produce mental slavery. Timeless Kingdom is the everlasting universe. Pure and mighty.
Festival of Slaves – Enslavement..  we all know it or at least feel it. In today’s world we like to think we are free and have full control over our lives. Nothing but illusion. One is a slave to one’s viewpoint, false convictions, religion, tradition, the system one lives in and other (equally enslaved) people. One needs to look for enlightenment to find the true meaning of life.

Sadness Will Last Forever – these were the last words of Vincent van Gogh after he apparently shot himself. This song is dedicated to all those who have ever thought of leaving this world violently, making “the forever decision” driven by this strange desire, the ever existing dark aspect of life… we salute you!

Solarflesh – It means literally, “body made of light”. It suggests that all life comes from the process that is started by Sunlight. The ancient used to worship the Sun because they understood that it was the source of energy, which started the development of life. But as with all natural elements, sunlight can be creative and destructive as well. This energy always goes in two directions. It’s the same with life, which always has the element of decay or death. It’s a timeless cycle. According to many traditions, death is a beginning of life, which ends with death and so on.

Endless Purity – Tired and frustrated soul. Nonsense, no goals, nothing left to do. Dream about Death as a shelter, escape from life, unity with the light that embraces and brings peace. Suicide as the highest form of sacriface to find Endless Purity.

Mesmerized – about suicide and self-mutilation. It’s about cleaning one’s soul through a bloody ritual.

hate11132012-2Do you have a favourite track?

Nope, I like them all equally

What festivals have you done and do you have any up and coming festivals or tours?

We have done Metalcamp (twice), Summer Breeze, Party.San Fest, Metalfest and many others. We have in plans the following: Extremefest, Inferno Fest, Summer Breeze and many others.

What festival would you love to do in the UK?


If our readers would like to find more info out about you, where could they find it?



Any messages you would like to pass on to the readers.

Let the flame of hate burn!

Thank you  \m/

Interview by Angie Smith


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