Rose Funeral – Gates Of Punishment



[media-credit id=4727 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit] Hailing from Cincinnati,Rose Funeral have raised the benchmark in 2011 for their latest release Gates Of Punishment, tho the word bellow is more fitting than hail judging by the ferocity shown over the 11 tracks on display here.To be released on Sept.27th,Gates Of Punishment is a must buy for any fan of thrash/death metal music.Their recorded career began with the Buried Beneath The Blood demo in March 2006,followed also in 2006 in August by the e.p Crucify,Kill,Rot.Rose Funeral’s first major release came courtesy from Metal Blade with The Resting Sonata in January 2009.The cover of the new album should give enough clues that this will not be for the faint hearted.The album starts with a tolling bell and heads off into a blast beat driven track.It is difficult to pick highlights from the album but the gore drenched lyrical rage of Grotesque Indulgence and the instrumental A Recreant Cantice stand out in my opinion.There are 2 guest appearances on Gates Of Punishment.The track False Divine features vocals from ex Morbid Angel frontman Steve Tucker and Malignant Amour features the opera singer Kate Alexander so mark your calendars for Sept.27th for the album release on Metal Blade.Very very impressive!



Track listing:-
1.Legions Of Ruination.
2.Grotesque Indulgence.
3.Beyond The Entombed.
4.False Divine.
5.Arise Infernal Existence.
6.Malignant Amour.
7.A Recreant Canticle.
8.The Desolate Form.
10.Amidst Gehenna.
11.Gates Of Punishment.

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