Charred Walls Of The Damned – Cold Winds On Timeless Days.

When i review an album i play it before i look at any info so i can approach it with an open mind.So as soon as the opening track Timeless Days exploded through my speakers i thought “what a voice,this guy sounds just like Tim Owens”.So i played the album,looked at the info provided and lo and behold,its Tim Owens putting a flawless performance on the 2nd release by Charred Walls Of The Damned,a project formed by Richard Christy (who drummed for Death/Iced Earth) in 2009.Their 1st self titled album came out only 18 months ago,so considering the band members other commitments,this is the result of very hard work.In fact,Tim recorded the vocals for the new release in 7 days!So,apart from Richard on drums and Tim on vocals the rest of the band consist of Jason Suecof on guitar and Steve Giorgio on bass,a fellow Death/Iced Earth member with Richard.
After the 1st listen i wrote down “epic,majestic, heavy metal” and it certainly is throughout the hour long running time here.I’ve been a fan of Tim Owen’s vocal style from his recorded material with Iced Earth and Judas Priest and he reaffirms my opinion that he is one of the best metal singers around.Basically,if you like to hear a rock hard rhythm section,riffs to die for + melodic/shredding riffs and vocals that defy belief then this album has it all.Cold Winds On Timeless Days is released on Metal Blade on October 11th.Track listing:-
Timeless Days
Ashes Falling Upon Us
Cold Winds
Lead The Way
Forever Marching On
Guiding Me
The Beast Outside My Window
On Unclean Ground
Admire The Heroes
Avoid The Light

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