Resin – Persecution Complex


Persecution Complex is the new EP from Leicestershire band Resin.  It’s been an unsettled year for the band, with the departure of drummer Danny Finch in October last year followed by what seemed to be the end of the band in December.  That would have been a shame after a great 2014 in which they won TBFM Factor and Metal 2 The Masses which gave them the chance to play both Alt-Fest and Bloodstock Open Air.  Over the last few months though the remaining members of the band have been joined by three new faces and the lineup issues seem to have been resolved.  As of now Resin are Dave Gandon (vocals and guitar), Mark “Chez” Roseby (guitar and vocals), Simon Yarwood (guitar), Drask (bass and vocals) and Stu Reynolds (drums).  The planned second album will unsurprisingly take a bit longer to produce, but now they’ve got themselves going again this month they’ll release EP Persecution Complex, the follow up to 2012 debut album Embrace the Fall.

Resin have always had massive grunge influences and line-up changes have done nothing to alter that, with the classic Seattle sound still prominent on Persecution Complex.  There are only three tracks, but with a running time of just over fifteen minutes there’s enough to give you a good idea of what to expect from an album, and it’s all positive.  First track Open Heart Trauma starts slow but builds into a track with big riffs and an even bigger vocal.  New singer Dave has a lot of power, but also an impressive range and at times sounds very much like Chris Cornell.  Track two, Printing Money is where the guitars come to the fore, with a brilliant solo in the middle.  The final track, Angel is the longest track on the EP at six minutes, for me a bit too long.  It’s quite a slow paced song, which possibly makes it feel longer than it is.  That said there are some powerful, thoughtful lyrics and it’s well worth a listen.  Resin mark two are new and improved and by the sound of Persecution Complex they’re ready to get back to what they do best.


Track Listing:

Open Heart Trauma

Printing Money





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