Enforcer – Interview with Olof Wikstrand – October 2015

Swedish metallians Enforcer are invading the UK and Ireland once again, on a six date co-headline tour with countrymen Wolf.  They also are releasing their first ever live DVD/CD package, ‘Live By Fire’, next month.

EnforcerPlanetMosh tracked down frontman Olof Wikstrand to chat about both the tour and the DVD.  I started by asking them why, ten years into their career, they had decided now was the time to release a live package…

We finally had the opportunity to release some of the stuff we’ve been holding on to for quite a while. So it’s rather a package that we release than a DVD. It’s also nice since we released four full-lengths in a row to do something different. [It] feels nice to give some of the older songs a little bit of justice since we play them much better now compared to when we recorded them.  [It] feels more present in some way.

You recorded the DVD in Tokyo and the CD version in Athens.  Why did you decide to release two different versions like this?

Both of those recordings play a part of the bigger context together, doing both a DVD and a live-recording in one. But both countries have always been very special to us. Really welcoming and make us feel good at home. So in one way it’s also our way of tributing our Greek and Japanese fans.

When you were recording them, did you feel under any pressure to be on your ‘A game’ and put on the best shows you could?

We always put on the best we possibly can. But we were more under the impression that it will be whatever it will be, if it turns out good we might release it you know. But both turned out great in the end and we found a way of releasing it together which was really nice.

In relation to recording the DVD, was there any additional pressure created by the cameras?  Were you conscious of them being there and did they mean you had to make any adjustments to your performance?

Artwork for 'Live By Fire' by EnforcerNo, not at all.  Most bigger shows and festival shows are filmed anyway. so it’s no difference.

How did you go about choosing the track list, especially for the DVD?  Or did it pick itself?

It sort of picked itself, because that’s the songs we decided to play that night and we felt back than that it was a really representative set to do.

A lot of live albums are criticized because they are not entirely live, but often worked on in the studio afterwards, with overdubs and so on.  Did you make any tweaks to the tapes at all?

Not much, but just as on a normal record you have the possibility to cut out some noise and filter out minor things.

You’ve just started your latest European tour, which has brought you back to the UK and Ireland:  what can fans expect from your set?

We are focusing quite hard on our latest album, ‘From Beyond’, but also pay attention to the fact that we are celebrating ten years as a band, so we have dug out some oldies especially for this tour as well.

You are, of course, promoting your most recent album, ‘From Beyond’.  It always intrigues me how bands go about choosing their set lists, mixing new material with old:  can you give us some insight into how Enforcer go about doing this and how you choose what to play each night?

I think we have a really nice set with a certain flow. The flow is more important than what songs you play for example. If you only play one kind of songs you really notice that the crowd gets tired after a while.

Artwork for Enforcer's 2015 UK and Ireland tourWhat are the three most important things you take on tour with you?

I can stand anything as long as we have the right gear to play on. Music is all!

You are playing two dates on the island of Ireland, so I have to ask you:  Guinness or Black Bush whiskey?

Guinness, I must say.  [I] don’t think I’ve tried the Black Bush whiskey to be honest with you…

That sounds like something PM might have to rectify when the tour hits Ireland this weekend!

Enforcer’s tour with Wolf kicks off at the Queen’s Hall in Nuneaton tonight (Thursday October 8), and continues as follows:

Friday October 9 – Dublin, Voodoo Lounge

Saturday October 10 – Belfast, Limelight 2

Sunday October 11 – Glasgow, Audio

Monday October 12 – Chester, Live Rooms

Tuesday October 13 – London, Underworld

Dynamite complete the bill on all dates.

‘Live By Fire’ is released via Nuclear Blast on November 20.

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