Imaginative Brit alt-rockers RELIGION OF TOMORROW make a triumphant return with their engrossing new single, United We Fall, out now. Check out the video for the track, here –

RELIGION OF TOMORROW have engineered a sound that merges hooky choruses with expansive and soaring guitar work, and a beefy rhythm section that will blow the roof right off. The northern rockers are a quartet that take in a pool of influences, but are strongly aligned with modern alternative rock. The Cumbrian based rock crew may resemble rock giants of days gone by, yet their fresh sound will drop you straight back into the present day for something new and rejuvenating.

The popular foursome have amassed a diligent fanbase brought on by regularly touring throughout the UK and by consistently delivering quality releases.  Unfortunately, the band’s progress was curtailed by bad luck when the crew were pursued by industry figureheads to sign a three-song record deal with a reputable label that sadly folded before they could complete the US tour the label had set forth for them. Furthermore, the group’s drummer then left which forced the band into a hiatus. RELIGION OF TOMORROW, however, haven’t surrendered and are now back and revitalised with a new line-up consisting of drummer Sam Hunter, lead guitarist Jordan Charters, bass player Richard Gill and vocalist/guitarist Karl Christian. Firing on all cylinders, the foursome are braced to drop their anthemic new single, United We Fall. The band remark about the track: “United We Fall started life just before COVID stormed into existence. It was written to depict the ever-changing world in which we live in with all its agendas, conspiracies, and social constructs. When COVID finally got into full swing, the song became more and more relevant – so much so it feels as though it was written specifically for COVID times. The way things are, we don’t think it will ever lose its relevancy! Hopefully listeners will take the lyrics in, alongside the contagious hooks, as the lyrics are probably the most potent ingredient for the track.”

The single is destined to move the band up the ladder again, and with a slew of material planned for next year, as well as a series of profile live shows, 2021 is set to be RELIGION OF TOMORROW’s big year.

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