Emerging newcomers E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS march forward with their mouth-watering mixture of cut-throat riffery, roaring beats, satanically scuzzy licks and contagious choruses. The youthful upstarts release their blistering debut EP, Still See Ghosts, on Friday 3rd December, which is preceded by the band’s new single, Empty Frames, out now – https://youtu.be/KqwyUu5V2UE

With a swarm of influences stemming from the striking horror-metal of Rob Zombie, Murderdolls, and Motionless In White, to the guile of classic icons such as Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy, E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS have shaped an enthralling amalgamation of dirty sizzling metal ‘n’ roll underpinned by blistering guitar work and infectious hooks.

Conceived in the Spring of this year and hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, E.B. & THE DEADLIGHTS were formed by frontman Ethan Beattie who initially teamed up with rhythm guitarist, Matt McCabe. Creativity soon snowballed and new members: Alex Williams (Drums) and Andy McCarney (Lead Guitar & Keyboards) stepped up to broaden the group’s expansive sound. Now E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS are planning to host a series of blood chilling shows which promise to be full of theatrics and thrills. Live performances are to be backed by the quartet’s debut EP, Still See Ghosts, which is a venomous statement of robust vitality. Vocalist Ethan Beattie discusses the themes behind the release: “This is an EP that we believe everyone can relate to. Everyone has ghosts and sees something looking back at them in the mirror they wish wasn’t there. No matter how big or small that ghost may be, it’s still there and you can’t get rid of it.

|| E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS’s debut EP, Still See Ghosts, drops on Friday 3rd December.

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