Reflection in Exile, pre-Bloodstock festival interview

Reflection in Exile are set to ravage the New Blood Stage on Saturday 11th at this year’s Bloodstock.

We catch up with the band to find out more about them, the festival and what you lucky Bloodstock go-er’s will see!

Can you give the readers a quick introduction to the band?

Reflection in Exile are:

Carl Howe- vocals, Sam Turbitt- guitar, Chris Keepin- guitar, Mark Brim- bass and Dan Blades- drums 

Reflection in Exile are a blackened death metal quintet from the north east of England, formed in July 2010, through a love of playing music between friends. Originally playing a ‘new wave of American heavy metal’ meets ‘thrash’ style of music, the bands sounds have matured significantly over the last 2 years, and are currently making waves in the UK metal world, being compared to the likes of BEHEMOTH & HOUR OF PENANCE… They’re bringing corpse painted, blood soaked blackened death metal to the masses!

Have you ever been to Bloodstock before? If so when and what did you enjoy most about it?

We’re all long running BOA attendees! The community spirit bloodstock has is impossible to find at any other festival! Which is why people attend year after year! Couple that with the continually outstanding lineups the festival has! It’s no wonder BOA is going at such a rapid rate!

Why did you want to become part of the New Blood Stage line up?

This is what we do! We all live for live, playing our music to as many people as possible is top on the Reflection in Exile agenda! So naturally Bloodstock is where we want to play, to a large group of our key demographic! And the new blood stage is the first step on the ladder to larger audiences. 

What was your initial reaction when you found out you where playing on the New Blood Stage?

Honoured!  We were simply honoured to be offered a slot at such an amazing festival, with such a strong line up!

What is your opinion of the Bloodstock lineup?

This year is one of the strongest yet! Whatever your taste in metal this lineup has something for you!  

What are you looking forward to most at Bloodstock?

Aside from playing, Behemoth, Alice Cooper & Dimmu Borgir, their stage shows are second to none at festivals!

What can the audience expect from you at the festival?

Expect corpse paint and blood… A brutal show and a unique sound! 

Can you sum up Bloodstock in one sentence?

“BOA is an awesome place, and we’re proud to be a part of it!”

Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers.

Come check us out on the new blood stage, Saturday! This weekend is also the official launch of our latest release ‘The Insufferable Darkness‘ so come get brutal with us!

Thank you for taking the time out to complete this interview, we are looking forward to seeing you at Bloodstock \m/







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