Raining Blood: Horror In Metal – The Ultimate Playlist

Are you the janitor that’s always killed off first? Is your house so haunted, even Yvette Fielding won’t come for a sleepover? Do you struggle to run fast enough to outwit your zombie pursuers?

Halloween’s just around the corner(!) and it’s about time we addressed what would feature on the ultimate metal horror movie soundtrack. From the most dedicated homages to the horror genre to the most comical additions to Michael Myers’ mixtape, this playlist should keep you company through a nasty attack of homicide. Ali Cooper presents her PlanetMosh Playlist:

Raining Blood: Horror In Metal – The Ultimate Playlist

Rob Zombie – Dragula

A robust reminder not to get into a stranger’s car, ‘Dragula’ is your contagious soundtrack to being bundled into the trunk, perfect to pass the hours while your captors dig the grave outside.

Wednesday 13 – Look What The Bats Dragged In

If Jason Voorhees had a doorbell, this is what it would sound like. Gothic icon Wednesday 13 isn’t one for mincing his words, which explains why this punchy toast to the horror genre suits him so well.

Marilyn Manson – Disposable Teens

Everyone has a sinister tale to tell, according to this seductively menacing anthem from the “God Of Fuck”. According to Manson, it’s easier to spot the dodgy ones by judging their height, then and only then is it time to run in the opposite direction.

The Other – Dreaming Of The Devil

Germany’s best kept secret, Misfits-esque horror outfit The Other set themselves the mammoth task of creating a lullaby fit for Freddy Krueger.

Cradle Of Filth – Born In A Burial Gown

This lesser-loved EP track is laced with the guttural, sinister appeal we come to expect from Dani Filth and co. – there’s just enough room for a few more poltergeists in this graveyard.

Aiden – Knife Blood Nightmare

If the prologue doesn’t leave you with a chronic case of goosebumps, this sadly deceased outfit provided both a comforting reminder to stay calm and a gruesome tale that doesn’t end well.

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr Crowley

Ozzy’s protagonist Mr Crowley isn’t quite normal, but would we want him any other way? He sees dead people, he’s handy with magical spells, he answers to Lucifer himself – The Omen’s Damien has grown up.

Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

Our friend Mr Dickinson doesn’t like it when the lights go out, or so this 1992 mega-track suggests. It’s okay to be afraid, Bruce, especially when Eddie’s on the loose.

King Diamond – Heads On The Wall

A walking horror movie himself, King Diamond gives us a narration of a day in the life of a lost soul. We’d like to think he’s the man who can fend off any night terrors, but he can’t even get rid of the voices in his own head.

Avantasia – Twisted Mind

Sometimes, your fears and problems are all in your mind, even more so when you’re the Joker. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to the voices in your head, they might be speaking some sense.

Avatar – Bloody Angel

It’s hard to tell what our antagonist’s problem is, we just don’t want to stick around long enough to find out. This rasping lament doesn’t end well, but it’s not too difficult to get blood stains out of your clothes these days.

Nightwish – Planet Hell

There’s nothing more horrific than hell itself, and Nightwish have been there, done that and got the novelty hat. Their symphonic charm makes this menacing tale as epic as Satan’s elevator music.

Metallica – Enter Sandman

If there’s one enemy you can’t escape, it’s the sandman. This nightly visitor is almost as terrifying as a Metallica song without a few Hetfield trademark “yeah”s.

Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece Of Heaven

The not-so-subtle blood and guts shed through this timeless hit makes for a menacing monologue. Murder never sounded so catchy.

Slayer – Angel Of Death

An appropriately brutal ode to Nazi war crimes, there’s a striking realism to this Slayer classic if you listen hard enough. Otherwise, it makes for a pretty awesome killing spree soundtrack.

Alice Cooper – What Baby Wants

Taking a step away from Cooper’s signature lunacy, a guest spot from Kesha proves the vaudeville veteran has finally met his match – legend says Alice had to dilute the lyrics she wrote because they were too graphic.

The Defiled – Unspoken

Even though these British boys have sadly hung up their slaughter aprons this year, there’s no escaping this dark number from their second album ‘Daggers’.

Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face

If you ever need a metronome to accompany your homicidal activities, call upon these destructive icons to provide a gruesome step-by-step guide to leaving no evidence behind.

Helloween – Step Out Of Hell

For the more discerning horror villain, Helloween are here to provide the support network such baddies rely on. Dispose of your bodies safely, kids – lift with your knees, wear protective headgear and always wash your hands afterwards.

The 69 Eyes – Devils

Meandering morbid mopes are The 69 Eyes’ forte – ‘Devils’ serves as a neat ode to roll the horror credits to. Just when you thought all the threats had been overcome and the bad guy’s resting 6+ foot under, there’s always that lingering feeling that someone’s behind you.

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