Rage – 21 (cd)


Rage formed in 1984 under the name, Avenger. After releasing their debut album Prayers of Steel and their Depraved to Black EP in 1985, the band changed their name to Rage because there was another band inEnglandthat also carried the moniker. Originally the new name was to be Furious Rage but it was eventually shortened to Rage. The first album released under the new name was Reign of Fear in 1986.

Having been familiar with the track “Twenty One“ I was somewhat excited to hear the album in full.

Opening track “House Wins” acts as an intro into the awesome “Twenty One”, with its early Megadeth early influences and catchy riffs this is by far the best song on the album.

“Forever Dead” continues with an opening intro which could have been ripped straight from “Sweating Bullets” before almost the brutal almost Biohazard type vocals and sounds take over.

“Feel My Pain” slows the pace dramatically down with its deceptive electric inspired opening until it explodes with a mix of old school thrash.

“Serial Killer” is altogether more brutal track and seems strangely out of place.

From there the album seems to lose cohesion slightly by throwing in a mix of power metal tracks and ending with the obligatory ballad.

Overall the album is slightly disappointing and leaves me wondering what it would have been like if the band stuck to one particular “sound” as the experimentation detracts significantly from the overall feel of the album.
Highlight of the cd: “Twenty One”.
Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. House Wins;
2. Twenty One;
3. Forever Dead;
4. Feel My Pain;
5. Serial Killer;
6. Pyscho Terror;
7. Destiny;
8. Death Romantic;
9. Black and White;
10. Concrete Wall;
11. Eternally;


Peavy Wagner – Vocals/Bass,
Victor Smolski – Guitars
André Hilgers – Drums

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RageTheBand
Website: http://www.rage-on.de/


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