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All is Due is the epic debut album from gifted Brit alternative crew, PRINCE BISHOP. Pulling from a multitude of genres from alt, post and prog rock, and taking widespread influence from a collection of bands panning from ELO and Supertramp through to Radiohead, Muse, and Jeff Buckley, All is Due takes the listener on a whole-hearted journey – from introspection to celebration. The album arrives everywhere on Friday 25th November, and is proceeded by their powerful new single, Soul Of A Man, out now. Watch the video, here –

If Durham-based PRINCE BISHOP sound unlike any other band, they have successfully hit their intention. Taking great time and vision to effect a unique approach to music, songwriter Ben Trenerry has worked diligently to create the labour of love that is All is Due. Ben elaborates: “I have spent years trying to understand and translate the sounds I hear in my head and the feeling they create.  It has taken an age to get here.” Originally completed and slated for release before the pandemic, the album was inevitably delayed. Vibey from start-to-finish, All is Due is a collection of songs originally formed with just a voice and acoustic guitar, but translated as a live ‘band in a room’ recording, enhanced with layers of studio work. Its alluring Queen-esque vocal harmonies, cascading waves of reverb and engulfing delayed guitars, stout drums, intricate bass lines, touches of crafty Hammond organ, and bags of heart, all make this a masterful album.  

Clocking in around the 44-minute mark, the record is a not only a musical voyage, but one with a meaningful lyrical focus. Ben Trenerry comments: “Lyrically ‘All is Due’ certainly is representative of my world view.  As someone who has always asked the bigger questions, I travelled the world looking for inner peace, but it was only when I started to look deep inside myself that I started to understand where I needed to go. And this is where the title comes from— it is about Karma ultimately.  ‘It’s all due, all is due – everything that comes to me, that comes to you’. As a band we are genuinely thrilled and proud to finally have this out and we hope people get something from it”.

‘All Is Due’ tracklisting: 01 The Ghost Of Good Will; 02 Come Alive; 03 Return; 04 Soul Of A Man; 05 Why; 06 Way Of Things; 07 Truth Lies In Between; 08 You Can Count On Me; 09 Roman Roads; 10 All Is Due.

Prince Bishop are: Ben Trenerry (vocals, guitar), Mark Bell (bass) and Bob Douglass (drums).

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