Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion.


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On 30 May 2019
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Their first studio album in over thirty years makes Revelations Of Oblivion a true revelation!

In all my years of listening to rock/metal I can’t think of any album that has blown me away than Revelations Of Oblivion by Possessed. Death metal can be repetitive at times but to keep my full attention for just under an hour takes some doing. Released on Nuclear Blast Records, this latest release proves why they are cited as one of the first death metal bands since forming in San Francisco 1983.

A tolling bell at the start of opener ‘Chant Of Oblivion’ is a grim warning of what is to follow, point proven by ‘No More Room In Hell’ as buzzsaw riffs rage like angry hornets in a jar. Hellish drum assaults from Emilio Marquez push the intensity levels in the red, backed by the gnarly snarl of Jeff Becerra. ‘Dominion’ is a warp speed rager, an unrelenting barrage of death metal pinned down by some furious kick drumming. It backs off briefly midway for some mid paced thrash until we are tossed back into the fires of hell once more. If Motorhead had ever dabbled in death metal, then ‘Damned’ could be a contender as Jeff captures Lemmy’s growl as it hurtles along like ‘Overkill’ on steroids. If Possessed did slow numbers, then ‘Demon’ may fit the bill as a pummeling pound takes priority over the speed metal passages.

The only thing abandoned during ‘Abandoned’ was my brain unsuccessfully try to conjure up a description of the metal storm raging through my headphones. ‘Shadowcult’ is a gruesome gallop of guttural vocals, whiplash riffing and body blow drums. ‘Omen’ is another step back from the insanity, a traditional headbanger, the riffs hit hard and heavy over hypnotic drum patterns that end the song in a blast beat frenzy. ‘Ritual’ is a no holds barred fight to the finish during this armageddon bringer of bleak grindcore. ‘The Word’ lurches along on steamrolling macabre grooves as ‘Graven’ rears its ugly head to be my album highlight. Here, their songwriting reaches into the upper echelons of brutality as everything is dragged kicking and screaming in a finale of overwhelming speed/death metal. At the bitter end of the album we get ‘Temple Of Samael’ to really mess our heads up with an off kilter acoustic instrumental.

Revelations Of Oblivion album track listing :-

Chant Of Oblivion.

No More Room In Hell.








The Word.


Temple Of Samael.


Their first studio album in over thirty years makes Revelations Of Oblivion a true revelation!

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