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Plague Years

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On 6 January 2019
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If you like your music hard, fast, and manic go and buy this. Plague Years will not disappoint you.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Plague Years are an unsigned Thrash / Death Metal outfit who are unleashing their first full length album upon us. Released at the end of October in the US, we British have had to wait until 4th January to grab a copy of this album which follows 2017’s self-titled EP. Having said that, this album only contains six songs so I suppose it’s a cross between an EP and an LP.

Talk about hitting hard from the off!! Title track ‘Unholy Infestation’ certainly does just that. This is a track that will give you the need to stomp right into the centre of a Mosh Pit, rip off your top, and jump around like a demented ferret. It’s ferocity is key here. Angry words from Tim Englehardt. Very Tom Araya, very Slayer, very Sepultura.

‘Outer Darkness’ punishes my ears with such serenity. Another pulsating attack allowing Plague Years to show their full diversity. I find this song totally Slayer, especially in the bridge before the guitar solo, but I love Slayer so the more the better for me. It comes to an abrupt end before the Anthrax-style ‘Hellborn’ greets us. Another track full of shift and speed changes. This track really shows Plague Years coming of age. There is much more depth to this track, much more maturity.

‘Aeon Of The Serpent’ brings us a much welcomed galloping pace. This is an absolute pearler of a track. The galloping is replaced with single hard chord strums, allowing Tim to get off his chest what he needs to and allowing his vocals to make the song what it is. It very reminiscent in parts to Metallica’s ‘Wherever I May Roam’. It has an incredible build up in the latter part of the track which just allows you to be sucked in to what this EP / LP is becoming and that is pure brilliance.

There are so many bands rolled into Plague Years that you cannot help but enjoy every minute of what you hear. ‘Taker Of Life’ reminds me of Exodus ‘Piranha’, one of my favourite all time tracks. ‘Infernal Torment’ ends this brilliant offering. A pulsating track littered with punishing double bass drums that just leaves you wanting more. This is just what I needed to sort the January blues.

Track Listing:

1 – Unholy Infestation

2 – Outer Darkness

3 – Hellborn

4 – Aeon Of The Serpent

5 – Taker Of Life

6  – Infernal Torment

Line-up –

Tim Englehardt – Vocals

Eric Lauder – Guitars

Rian Staber – Bass

Mike Jurysta – Drums

If you like your music hard, fast, and manic go and buy this. Plague Years will not disappoint you.

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