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On 4 September 2019
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Grindcore kings back with another beating to the senses.

Phobia have been with us since the early 90s grinding heads in worldwide. Grindcore is a genre that that has bands which have massive back catalogues which are near on impossible to complete. Phobia are no exception and this is a release in a long line of albums, eps and various splits with other bands. Grind is something that bands can get wrong by making records that are too long. Phobia give just enough every time, in this case “Generation Coward” is 13 songs long in 16 minutes.

Opener “Cynic Bastard” has a slow punishing riff which circles the room before diving straight into grinding madness. The speed and precision of this band is frightening, the songs do not hang about,  straight in and to the point. They have a knack of getting to the heart of the subject quickly “PC Fascist F**K Off”, “Internet Tough Guy” and “Cut Throat” gives no illusions of a band that care about your delicate sensibilities.

For a grind record the production is stellar, low end and with a severe crunch to the guitars. Vocally it is as would be expected vicious growls with high demented screams. This would make a great introduction to the band before delving into the back catalogue with records like “Cruel”, “Serenity through Pain” or “Get Up and Kill”. Phobia are still nasty and playing on point grind this many years in. Get out of your comfort zone and indulge, you will not be disappointed.






1             Cynic Bastard
2             Haters Be Hating When Ya Grinding Good
3             Imbecile
4             Bozo of Grind
5             Internet Tough Guy
6             Excretion
7             Cut Throat
8             PC Fascist Fuck Off
9             Aspiration Lost
10           Falsification
11           Miserable Awakening
12           To Be Convinced
13           Condemned To Hell



Calum Mackenzie – Bass
Bruce Reeves – Guitar
Shane McLachlan – Vocals
Danny Walker -Drums

Willowtip Records

Phobia Bandcamp

Grindcore kings back with another beating to the senses.

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