Periphery – O2 Ritz Manchester – 14th November 2019

Periphery are, what I would call, a snowball band. Let me explain, formed in 2005 they have got bigger and bigger until one day they bowled me over (imagine arms and legs flailing as a giant ball of snow rolls down a hill). Joking aside, I first heard Periphery on their recent fourth album Hail Stan and asked, straight away, could I see them live. 3 months later I’m stood in the press pit during the opening number trying to take pictures, but really wanting to put the camera down and appreciate this amazing opening number.Periphery

Reptile takes the rule book of songs to open a set with, tears it up, sets it alight and throws it in your face. Its complex but with sing along sections. It has multiple rhythm changes. Oh, and it’s 15 minutes long. Then finally they invite the previous band back onto the stage for a bit of a jam!

While I could have happily watched the gig from my privileged position such things are not allowed, and I therefore had to remove myself back into the throbbing crowd. As CHVRCH BVRNER kicked in I realised this was not only a sold-out gig but was filled with a clientele that knew every lyric to every song.

I was informed by my bag carrier, at this point, that this was a diminished line up tonight with guitarist Mark Holcomb absent due to family issues. Credit to all involved as I didn’t notice any diminished sound.


The crowd was totally warmed up now with arms in the air screaming the words to every number back at Spencer Sotelo. I could just about see the centre of the crowd and it was a churning maelstrom. Founding member and lead guitarist Misha Mansoor was gesturing for the pit to form a wall but I think all involved were having too much fun to notice.

Sometimes towards the end of a set I start thinking I’ve had enough and start to want it to end but tonight it’s the other way round. I could have happily watched this band all over again. The snowball is getting bigger and hopefully will swallow you all up soon.

Set List

3.Remain Indoors
4.Follow Your Ghost
7.It’s Only Smiles
9.Blood Eagle

Band members: 

  • Misha Mansoor
  • Jake Bowen
  • Matt Halpern
  • Spencer Sotelo
  • Mark Holcomb

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