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Parasitic Twins / The Carnival Rejects

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On 21 July 2019
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Release date: 29/05/19
Length: 13:26
Blink and you'll miss this great EP. Just don't blink.

The Carnival Rejects

The press release’s opening paragraph for this release states: ‘Just under a year since firing their debut EP “All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other”,  Hull’s scariest kids Parasitic Twins are back with a split EP alongside crust punk mob The Carnival Rejects; “The Parasitic Rejects”.  Caught somewhere between aching low-end doom and histrionic punk rock, this six track EP sees a caustic evolution.’

A very true statement as I fire up ‘Sieze Control’  by The Carnival Rejects. This is proper 80’s/90’s punk in all it’s glory. Hard hitting, and jogs along just nicely as it relives early Offspring vibes. ‘Disengage‘  is in very similar vain, but ‘To The Bone’  hits a little harder yet maintains that Offspring, possibly Rancid feel. I like it a lot.

Parasitic Twins are a different kettle of fish. It’s clear by their sound that they are a two piece unit. Even there’s no bass, it still sounds pretty gruesome. Add in some gargling lyrics mixed with juicy, grungy guitars and you have opener ‘Autopsy‘.  ‘Feel Nothing’  is pure filth. Crunching fuzzbox guitars and a will to try something different makes this another acceptable track. Third track ‘Spaceman‘  is a cover of Babylon Zoo’s 90’s classic. Now, we all know my thoughts on covers on releases but on this occasion, the guys can be totally forgiven.  All proceeds of the sale of this track were donated to The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Male mental health is becoming more spotlighted every day, and the band want to offer any support they can to spread the word.  A great thought and a great EP.

Parasitic Twins


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Release date: 29/05/19 Length: 13:26 Blink and you'll miss this great EP. Just don't blink.

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