PANZER release new track ‘Mr. Nobrain’ on YouTube

Panzer 2014 bandTeutonic Heavy Metal trio The German PANZER is comprised of three undisputed genre legends: vocalist & bass player Schmier, best known as frontman of DESTRUCTION and HEADHUNTER, guitarist Herman Frank (ACCEPT, VICTORY) and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ACCEPT). The band are set to release their debut album Send Them All To Hell on December 1st and anticipation of the album dropping, the band has released another new track on YouTube.

Listen to Mr. Nobrain here:

Frontman Schmier commented: “Who is Mr. Nobrain? A lot of people have been asking me this already. I think this lyric video will show you one point of view – on the other hand we ALL had those days where we just meet the WRONG people right? Life is sometimes more inspiring than fiction! Musically this song REALLY unites the ‘thrashy’ and the ‘melodic’ side of the band to a real skull crusher with a catchy but NOT cheesy chorus, that sticks to your brain like that bloody gum to your boot! Enjoy PANZER at its best!”

Panzer___Send_Them_All_To_HellSend Them All To Hell tracklist:
01. Death Knell
02. Hail And Kill
03. Temple Of Doom
04. Panzer
05. Freakshow
06. Mr. Nobrain
07. Why?
08. Virtual Collision
09. Roll The Dice
10. Bleed For Your Sins

The album was mixed & mastered by VO Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Gelterkinden/Switzerland and the artwork was created by Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák, who also created the recent artwork for DESTRUCTION and HEADHUNTER’s albums.

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