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On 19 November 2014
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"New Life", by One, reviewed at @PlanetMosh by Iris North.

one - band logo shot 1e“New Life”, by Warsaw native One (name: Adam Malicki), is a random find from a boredom-trawl on Twitter that asks for your attention.

Freshly released, this single is a guitar-heavy instrumental track that opens with a waltzing, cracked funhouse flair.

Rapidly shifting gears to synth-laden blues rock, and then to restrained yet very heavy metal, the stormy joyride continues.

Tangental, well-produced, and nicely layered, the song showcases some of Malicki’s writing talent as well as the high caliber of musicianship of his band.

Reminiscent of a demented movie soundtrack, “New Life” is a delightfully convoluted journey.

The guest ‘color’ and solo work by American guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert plain kicks ass, adding a sinewy cool to the track’s crescendo.

Recommended for the adventurous, who like their music heavy, intense, and quirky.


"New Life", by One, reviewed at @PlanetMosh by Iris North.

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