October Tree – The Fairys wing

Formed by married couple Greg and Tammy Lounsberry, October Tree was initially envisaged as a project to record an album with Tammy doing lead vocals.  Tammy wanted to do a concept album about fairies, and from this October Tree was formed.  The lyrics were written by Greg, who has also written the story from the album in e-book form.  The couple were joined by their son Daniel, and also two members of Prog band Canvas, whose new album Tammy had been recording some material for.

The album starts with some birds tweeting before the music comes in gently, and at this point it really does seem to have quite a strong Pink Floyd feel to it with that slow atmospheric buildup.  After a couple of minutes though the main part of the song begins.  Tammy has a lovely voice and the music is light and cheerful – perfect really for an album about fairies where darker or heavier music just wouldnt quite feel right.  There is a hint of darkness though with “The Ogre” which makes sense – happy cheerful music when singing about a fairytale bad guy just wouldnt seem right, so the music adapts nicely to the subject matter.

The lyrics in the album are excellent, and the music is well written and performed, so the result is a very good Prog rock album that’s a pleasure to listen to time after time.

This is a really enjoyable prog album that’s well worth checking out.

“The Fairys wing” is out now via Canvas productions.

Rating:  7.5/10

October Tree are:

Tammy Lounsberry
Greg Lounsberry
Matt Sweitzer
Daniel Lounsberry
Chris Cobel
John Swope

Track listing:

1. The fairys wing
2. Dark carnival
3. Parallels
4. The ogre
5. Into the glade
6. Howl
7. Mirrors
8. Mortis Urgan
9. Cult of the white witch
10. Epiphanies

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